Mr. Sacir Sosevic

GEOPROJEKT d.o.o Sarajevo
Šaćir Šošević, B.Sc. Economy & Eng. Geodesy

Professional Experience, Functions:

  • Chief of the Service for urban planning, Goražde Municipality (1962 – 1971)
  • Expert in the Ministry for urban planning, construction, communal works & environm. issues of BiH (1972 – 75)
  • Director of the Regional Institute for planning in Goražde (1975-1982)
  • Director of the Institute for urban planning of BiH in Sarajevo (1982 – 1987)
  • Representative of the Chamber of Economy of BiH in Trieste – Italy (1994 – 1996)
  • Important Works:

  • Coordinator and main designer of Revision of the General Spatial Plan for Bosnia and Herzegovina (1984)
  • Spatial plan “Gornja Drina” (5 communities in East Bosnia, 1977-80)
  • Spatial plan of the National park “Sutjeska” (1985)
  • Number of spatial, urban and regulatory plans for municipalities, towns, etc.
  • Author of the Studies of environmental influence of Hydro-Electric Power Plants “Višegrad”, “Ustikolina”, and Thermo-Electric Power Plants “Ugljevik” and “Tuzla VI”
  • Various Investment elaborates & programmes
  • Number of thematic presentations of projects enter the scope of the work of Economic Forums of Central European Initiative (Budapest, Trieste & Skopje, 2000 - 2003)
  • Programme of the Wood waste management in BiH
  • Development of systematic support to system of SME's in the area of Western Balkans
  • Natural & economic resources of BiH, priorities & comparative advantages
  • Possible common interests and targets enter the scope of economic infrastructure development
  • Spatial & functional valorisation of the transport corridors with special attention paid to Corridor Vc
  • Additional Activities:

  • Member in the working groups of the Central EU Initiative, as Representative of BiH, Trieste(1995/96)
  • Realisation of the International Confr. - Reconstruction programmes & Development of BiH, Trieste (1995)
  • Cooperation with Nexus Programme (Baltimore 1996., Sent Louis 1997, USA)
  • Publication of expert articles in “Nexus Connection” Magazine
  • Preparation & realisation of various laws, legal acts, statutes and normative acts
  • Expert articles' publications in magazines of USA, Germany, ex-Yugoslavia