Regional Center for Strategic planning & investments

GEOPROJEKT d.o.o Sarajevo

Regional Center for Strategic Planning & Investments - GEOPROJEKT d.o.o. Sarajevo is a company which for the last 30 years has been working on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its activities draw roots way back from 1986 when it worked under the name „Regional Institute for Planning & Projecting, which was changed after 1996 getting the today's well known and recognised name. Owner and manager of the company is Mr. Sacir Sosevic According to number of permanently employed and incomes’ volume, the company belongs under the classification of SME. Nevertheless, structure of activities, enduringly engaged external experts and volume of the works, classifies Geoprojekt in line with the most respectable companies in BiH. Company, in continuation, does business very successfully, gaining bigger or smaller profits, with a persistent trend of results increase. Important role in the Company has also Mr. Samir Sosevic, Deputy Manager, who has been for more then 30 years directly involved in major companies' activities and initiatives. During the period 1986-1992, company, mainly, dealt with working out spatial, urban and regulatory plans, and studies in function of defining development concepts and projections. Examples of created elaborates and studies, can be even today seen in many BiH municipalities.

In the course of the period 1992-1994, company’s activities were “adjusted” to real possibilities of doing business in BiH area. From 1994 to 1996 Sacir Sosevic worked as the Representative of the BiH Chamber of Commerce in Italy - Trieste, covering the territory of Slovenia and Istria as well, which was of a crucial importance for further activities of Geoprojekt. After establishment of cooperation with “Nexus” Forum (Baltimore, USA), from 1997 we started with organization of Regional Investment Forums, which as a primary goal had promotion of BiH economy both in the Region and wider as well.


Mr. Sacir Sosevic
Owner and manager of the company

International cooperation

Preparation and realisation of International Conference enter the scope of Central European Initiative (CEI), on topic: “Reconstruction Programmes in BiH”, u Trieste, 19th April 1995. Participants coming from seven CEI countries were presented possibilities and needs of BiH economic infrastructure reconstruction, aiming at reclaim of the war consequences. Direct result of the same was an evidently increased engagement of International Community representatives in lobbing and assurance of donor funds on the base of which important amount of funds came to BiH.

As the BiH National CEI SEF Agency, within the preparation and realisation of CEI Summit Economic Forums (Budapest 2000, Trieste 2001 and Skopje 2002), Company prepared the following thematic presentations:

  • Transport infrastructure in BiH – Corridor Vc (2000)
  • Presentation of more then 100 development projects in BiH divided in three categories - 1. Business infrastructure establishment for development of SME system; 2. Wood waste management in BiH & 3. Corridor Vc spatial & functional valorisation (2001)
  • Preparation and implementation of the BiH State Delegation Programme along with presentation of the 65 development projects in BiH at the “71st International Fair in Izmir“– Turkey 2002