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Convention on Development of Cities and Economic Infrastructure of the Adriatic Region - 2016

Experiences in development of the cities

In area of Adriatic Region, especially economic infrastructure, can serve as a good foundation for business cooperation of Convention co-signers, wherein the common approach is expected in preparation and realization of the project of common interest i.e. usage of IPA and other funds.

Development of economic infrastructure in the Region

Is significantly slower than realistically needed dynamics, and especially the needs of commercial subjects and potential investors. Development of business infrastructure (economic and special zones, capacity and function of marine, river and air ports), and development of transportation, energy and other infrastructure directly depend on each other. Development of medium and small enterprises, according to current experiences, is mostly initiated and supported through development of business zones and other forms of entrepreneurial infrastructure.

The work of convention bodies would enable mutual business networking

of entrepreneurial infrastructures but also networking with other systems of business infrastructure. Research and development activities of business bodies, state authorities and other institutions in the larger part of the Region are insufficient. By adoption of the Convention, i.e. by formation and activities of the Research and Development Institute within the Convention this status would significantly be improved, and in flexible and acceptable manner enabled to the state authorities but also business subjects to engage in this inevitable process, based on their own needs, preferences and capabilities.

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